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Security is important to all of us.  We work hard to acquire the property we have, so it makes sense to keep an aye on it even if we cannot be with/at our property 24/7.

Using CCTV, Surveillance and Tracking solutions, we CAN be with or at least, keep track and monitor our property, no matter where we are, provided we have access to data and a device to view it on.

You’ll find CCTV, Surveillance and tracking solutions in our store.  From single components to complete kits, you’ll find it all here.



CCTV, Surveillance & Tracking Solutions

CCTV Cameras - Components & Kits

Just about any camera can be converted into a CCTV camera with the right software.

You’ll find the full range of cameras, from IP to analog, body cams, webcams and wearable cameras in our store. 

To install these, you’ll need some components, which you’ll also find in store

Tracking Components

To track something, you will need a tracker and software on which to register the tracking equipment and give it a unique identifying label so that you know what you’re tracking.

The tracking software should typically work through GPS systems so that you can track your item no matter where it goes.

Components can include chips, tags, labels, pens, or just about anything that can hold a tracking device.

Surveillance Systems

Surveillance covers a wide scope of tracking people and things.  For surveillance systems you’ll find fingerprint readers, facial recognition, access control systems.

There are also identification systems, number plate readers, applications for monitoring goods, and much more.

See that application will work best for your business.

Monitoring Stations & Software

You’re not going to be able to monitor anything unless you’ve got the right software setup to track your people or goods.

You’ll need a screen or set of screens, computers to run the software and space to do the monitoring from.

Find digital displays, workstations, desks, chairs, computers and everything else you need to create your own monitoring station.

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