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Drones & CCTV For Mining Operations

In deep underground or in open cast mines you need extra “Eyes” to keep monitoring the machinery and the people involved in the processes.

To prevent injury, reduce theft and to generally inspect equipment in hard to reach places, Drones and CCTV Cameras are a necessity

CCTV & Drones For The Chemical Industry

With all those tanks, pipes and high rise columns, there are numerous inaccessible places or at least, very difficult to reach places for people.

This is where drones make the perfect accompaniment to your safety inspection team.  Send a drone up to do your inspection and have recorded footage as evidence of your findings.

Drones & Photography For The Contruction Industry

During the construction process it’s not always easy to spot stress areas with the naked eye, unless you have thermal imaging cameras.

To keep yourself, your workers and future occupants safe, employ thermal imaging drones and photography equipment to check on the building process

Cameras & Drones For Professional Photographers

In order for you to deliver the best quality work to your clients and customers, it’s imperative that you produce high quality content.

The only way to do this is by using high quality equipment that’s capable of creating consistently high quality content.  You’ll find Cameras, Lenses, Storage Cards and Drives, Editing Software and Cloud Services here

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