Most frequent questions and answers

We are located in South Africa, with virtual addresses in Scotland and Canada.  See our contact form for our physical address and other contact information.

No, everything is done online and we do not need to have a physical office.

We are affiliate marketers and add links, buttons and images from our vendors on our site in order to promote their products and services. 

If you click on any of these buttons, links or images and go through to their site and make a purchase, we may make a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

We do this to make money online, pay for our hosting and keep creating more informative content to share with you here. 

The vendor handles all of these.  We do not get involved in their processes, but are happy to help you get the right answers from a vendor if you’re unable to do so yourself. 

Any questions you may have, can be forwarded to us and we can speak to our representatives at each of the businesses we promote.

We do use cookies on this site, but it’s only to see how many people visit our site and see what they do here. 

The only time we store any of your personal data like name and email, is if you sign up for a newsletter or subscribe to our blog. 

You can always unsubscribe, and your data will automatically be erased anyway. 

We do not advertise, so you will never find any annoying adverts following you across the web.

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