It’s Alistair Vermaak

He’s a Digital/Affiliate Marketer.  When he’s not busy creating multiple formats of content, he can be found dealing with vendors and looking for new opportunities on the web.

When he’s not engrossed in the web, he can be found enjoying ice cold beer, red wine and a Good Vegan Meal.

He’s a cook, vegetable and herb gardener, brewer and woodworker in his spare time.

Welcome to Muggshotts.com. This site is all about CCTV, Video and Photography.  That includes all the hardware, software and accessories that come with these items.

What you can expect to find on our site over time, is products listed in our store, product reviews, how to posts and videos and technical details of the products we list.

We’ll include the hardware, software, information, training and technical specs in every place on our site where it makes sense.

We not only want to provide a one stop place to find your photography, CCTV  and Video equipment, but also give you practical tips and guidance to become the best at using the equipment too.

If you’re a supplier and want more leads and sales, get in touch and we’ll do our best to add your products and services here to drive more site visitors to your business.




Quality Photography Solutions

We're in the Business of Guiding you to the Best Photography Solutions

Since 2010 we've been working with businesses to provide Surveillance and photography solutions

Surveillance of the surroundings and having AI step in to help monitor large amounts of data, rapidly increases the performance of CCTV monitoring systems.

Autonomous surveillance drones and security systems also alleviate the need for human input and monitoring.


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Relationships Come First! We Work With You To Make Sure That We Deliver The Products & Services That Completely Suit Your Needs.

Innovative Solutions

The world has changed so much.  Some people are more separated from one another than ever, while others have banded together and formed stronger bonds.

With that being said, when it comes to Business, we keep evolving the solutions we provide to become ever more innovative to supply you with the solutions you need.

As technology moves forward, we’re there, making sure we help you find the latest technology to work with.

Quality Assurance

Although there are many brands related to various products and service in the market, we’re carefully studying the competitors as they surface.

Our motto is “Quick and cheap is more Expensive in the long run”.

We look for quality workmanship, reviews of products, use experiences and the way in which goods are manufactured.

The best way to see if a product is any good, is to see how it performs at work.

We strive to be the best at what we do every second of the day. But, no-one is perfect!

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