Drones: How Much Does Drone Training Cost?

Flying drones for fun, is well…..fun. 

But if you want to really take drone flying seriously and turn it into a paying job, then you’ll need to get some specialized training to ensure you know what you’re doing and can deliver top quality services to customers.

The cost is going to vary on a number of factors.  For a single person it can cost from $200 to $300.  Depending on the type of training.

For groups, it can cost upwards of $350.

For Companies, it can cost upwards of $650.

Each training school is different.  I will link to a school below and you can go check them out.

What Type Of Drone Training Do You Need?

Before you go out and get training, think briefly about the job you want to do and then see what training is available for you.

I’m going to list the types of training available so that you get an idea of what’s available.  If you don’t find what you need, get in touch and we’ll find someone to help you.

What will you do with the drone?

Let’s first figure out what you want to do. 

What do you like doing with a drone: –

  • Photograph?
  • Videos?
  • Close ups?
  • Hovering?
  • Moving Stuff?

What is your experience?

Have you flown a drone in a personal capacity?  Do you know how to fly, control the drone in different weather conditions and still get good quality footage based on your environment?

Will you be alone?

Going for training on your own can often set you back about $300.  Make sure you book ahead of time and be there early to start your training.

Will you have a small team?

Training in a small team can be a great way to get support from fellow teammates.  It can work out cheaper if you all split the costs.  Group Training costs can start at about $450.

Will you go with a business?

Often, if you work for an industry that relies on aerial footage, you may be required to undergo training for drone flight.  Company training often begins at about $650

Do you want to be a flight trainer?

Most drone training schools also teach people how to become instructors themselves so that they can start their own drone schools.  Reach out to them and find out their prices.


If you’re into thermos-imaging, then this could be a great solution for you to offer prospective customers in the mining and other industrial sectors.

Cell Tower Inspection

Work for large Cell-networks and do cell-phone tower inspections based upon their inspection pre-requisites.

Surveying and 3D Modelling

Surveying and 3D modelling can be a great path to go into if you love flying your drone over long distances and have the patience to map locations and open spaces.

Multispectral imaging

Multispectral imaging can be an interesting niche to go into, because you’ll be working across a variety of light-waves, delivering interesting results to your clients.


If you just love shooting video with your drone, then editing the final footage, then doing nothing but aerial video can be a great path for you to follow.


If you forte lies in photography from up high, then following this path with drone photography, might just be the right path for you.  Deliver spectacular aerial photography from customers with breath-taking scenery.

Your Location – US, UK or India?

The schools we’ve found are located in multiple cities across the US, UK and in India.  No matter where you are in these areas, a training location will never be too far away from you.

Don’t forget, with the advent of COVID, many places have gone virtual, so even if you cannot attend in person lessons, you can still try your hand in a virtual environment.


Drones are popular.  They’re fun.  They’re a business and job opportunity for those willing to put in the time to learn everything there is to know about them.

Are you thinking about going for drone training so that you can have fun and fly a drone all day, instead of being stuck behind a desk?

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